The Drawing and Painting for Erik Danielsson


I took part in the 666 FRAMES project of ANTI DENIM this time.
I was in charge of the drawing of frame #50 and trying to express the beauty of black shade.
Black Metal inspired me a lot and I could finally focus on the existence of beautiful contrast from black to white through TNBM.
I had a…

I participated in the 666 FRAMES project of ANTI DENIM the frame#50.
If you liked my drawing, I’d be so happy! Thanks :)

I’d like to introduce the details about it on my additional tumblr blog later.

ekdante asked:
Your manga art style is literally badass. Love your Erik, Satyr and Frost fan arts! :D

Thank you so much!
I’m so happy about your words!! :)

I just launched my additional blog on Tumblr.
I’ll upload my original design works, illustration or stuff like that.
Hope you check it out and like it:)

vinterrrskog asked:
got deviantart? so i can give you watch.

No, I’ve not gotten my deviantart yet for now.
But I’m wondering whether I would make my account on it eventually.
Thanks for your follow and comment :)

Canvas  by  andbamnan